Springtime always makes me think of flowers. And flowers make me think of our longtime advertising partner Sturtz & Copeland at 2851 Valmont. They are one of those locally owned, “good old days of Boulder” businesses, having opened their doors in 1929. Current owner Carol Riggs bought the business in 1976 after having worked at Sturtz and Copeland since the late 1960s.

Mother’s Day is a great time to bring mom in to pick out her favorite annuals, perennials and veggie starts—and then go home and help her plant them. Or pick up a fantastic one-of-a-kind flower arrangement, a true work of art from the talented floral designers. The greenhouse is an amazing oasis of color and the smiling and knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you.

I got word that a huge shipment of hanging flower baskets have just arrived (think all-summer-long color on your porch or patio) and right now they are 20 percent off. 

We are grateful to all of our longtime partners who help support local journalism with their advertising. I encourage you to think of them when you are making your shopping list.

Happy Mothers Day, everyone.