We are heartbroken. We have experienced a horrific tragedy and have lost 10 friends and neighbors. While we are in a state of shock and grief, we know our community needs everyone’s help and support.

In partnership with the City of Boulder, Rose Community Foundation, Together Colorado (our local faith community), and the Colorado Healing Fund, the Community Foundation Boulder County has established a fund to support the victims, their families, and our community.

Show your support as a community leader by partnering with the Daily Camera to promote this crucial, compassionate effort. We need everyone on board to help us spread this message far and wide, ensuring the victims and their families get the support they need.

We will be running ads at no cost for the fund. We are looking for ten like-minded businesses to show their support as well, to be the 10 candles in the dark that help light this community during this difficult time. 

50 percent of proceeds from the ads purchased will be donated to the Community Foundation Boulder County Crisis Fund and your support will show the community that we are Boulder Strong.

Please call 303.473.1400 by 3 p.m. today to support this effort.