Today, on this day of giving thanks, I want to express my thankfulness for our loyal readers, who help support local journalism every time they choose the Daily Camera.

In this super-connected world, nothing happens on the world stage that doesn’t affect us locally as well. 

We bring you the information and stories that connect us across communities. And we take our responsibility for providing insightful and accurate reporting very seriously. 

We couldn’t do this without the incredible team of news and advertising professionals who work here. I am proud to be a part of this excellent group.

You can count on us to continue our outstanding local journalism and special offers from advertisers, delivered daily to your physical or electronic front door.

I also want to offer a sincere thank you to each of our advertising partners, who put their trust in our expertise to help them grow their businesses as they serve our community.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, and I hope you will remember to support the local retailers and service providers who fill our pages with their offers.

Thank you, one and all.