Today I want to give a shoutout to our longtime advertising partner Precision Plumbing & Heating. As a locally owned and operated company serving Boulder area homeowners since 1982, they have advertised in the Daily Camera since before my arrival here… that’s a LONG time!

We appreciate their support for local journalism through their advertising. And we really like the fact that they are willing to try something new now and then when it comes to their advertising. 

They ran an Impact Note with us in January. Our Impact Note program offers creative sizes that catch attention and relate to your line of business. The house shape they chose was just right. They are also boosting their presence with our A1 ads for can’t-miss placement.

Precision Plumbing & Heating is my family’s go-to source for exemplary heating and plumbing service. I encourage you to support all of our loyal advertisers, who in turn help us deliver our local news to you each day.

Our expert advertising team brings local knowledge and media savvy to every advertising relationship. Can they help boost your business, too? Call 303.473.1400 to start the conversation.