Friday Magazine readers love to be entertained, and they are READY to tap their toes, raise a glass, savor bites and explore new opportunities for fun. 

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Friday Magazine has always been a safe bet when you want to reach this active group—and now you can reach them directly in their inbox with our monthly Friday Mag E-newsletter. It reaches 50,000 Boulder County consumers who are interested in entertainment in all its forms.

The Friday Mag E-newsletter spotlights the best of the best of Boulder County’s entertaining options as well as display advertising available to only six advertisers.

Just like its print counterpart, the newsletter is an effective and affordable way to promote your plays, movies, music, live entertainment, nightlife, community events, dining out and much, much more.

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Your monthly investment is just $250 and includes an analytics report to help you fine-tune your message for maximum return.

Call our entertaining-loving ad team at 303.473.1400 for the details and to reserve your space.