The Colorado Daily has been a long time mainstay in our local news scene, delivering campus-centric information and advertising that speaks both to students and community readers at large.

The Colorado Daily went dark for a short time during the pandemic, and loyal readers sure let us know how much they missed it! We’ve received quite a few lovely notes from readers, including this charming postcard from “Marianne” who wrote: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when they spied newsprint inside the Daily dispenser! And you wrote a wonderfully good letter to my soul. Then I laughed… at a funny comic that I could cut out and put on the fridge.

“I had to write and say thanx! I missed the paper. I need the paper, too, as it’s my only free source for local news (I’m not into screens).”

We love to hear from readers themselves why they value our work. There’s no better—or stronger—commendation than this. Welcome back, Colorado Daily. And thank you to all who have shared their thoughts with us!