There’s a bountiful harvest waiting you at the Boulder County Farmers Market. Shopping the BCFA is one of the best ways to support local food. 

That’s why the Farmers Market is launching the Take 5 Challenge. Swap five ingredients from your grocery list for locally produced food. Spend $5 on a special treat. Come by five times this season. That’s all it takes to strengthen your community and support area farms.

When you commit to taking five for local food every week, and you’ll be rewarded with free BCFM swag, knowing your farmer by name and bolstering your community. This could be the tastiest challenge you’ve ever taken.

Since 1987, the Boulder County Farmers Market has worked to cultivate the impact of local food from the ground up. When we all Take 5 for local food, it adds up.

The Camera is a proud supporter of the Boulder County Farmers Market and their food access programs that help keep our community healthy with the availability of fresh, local, nutrient-dense food.

Learn more about the Boulder County Farmers Market mission, schedule and volunteer opportunities at