Why do our advertisers trust the Daily Camera, Longmont Times-Call and Broomfield Enterprise to reach consumers? It’s because we offer them great advertising products and platforms­—and outstanding service from our marketing team.

Elaine Madej, artist and owner of  Red Door Arts & More in Hygiene, recently shared that she values Longmont Magazine to promote Red Door’s artwork, designer housewares, and artful apparel.

And she loves the consultative approach of our team member Julie Casper.

“The number one thing I always keep in mind about staying with Longmont Magazine is your incredible customer service,” Madej says.

We aim to please our advertising partners with successful results from our products and collaborative, attentive sales and marketing professionals.

Julie Casper is one of our best and has the experience to prove it. Thank you, Julie!

Speaking of Longmont Magazine, don’t miss the new look and features that we are debuting with the March edition. We think you’re going to love it.

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