Join us today for a free lunchtime conversation on Senior Law, co-presented by members of the  Braverman Law Group and The Germany Law office. Through the end of the month, local experts will be sharing their insights on timely topics such as health, law, emotional wellness, funeral planning, mortgages, finance and much more.

Today’s presentation is the third of 15 planned conversations. Each one-hour presentation begins at noon.

Also on this week’s schedule: Depression, Dementia and Delirium (The difference of each and how to treat them) on Thursday, and Aging And Your Eyes (Macular Degeneration; and Blurry Vision: Common causes in the aging population) on Friday.

We have many more lunchtime conversations in store for you—and you are invited to attend them all! You can view the complete schedule of presentations and register for these sessions at (scroll down to the big banner).