We’ve seen more than our share of loss this past year—some of it very personal. Releasing a butterfly in memory of a loved one is a special way to honor those we have lost. 

You are invited to take part in TRU Community Cares’ third annual Take Flight Butterfly Release & Memorial honoring lost loved ones on Saturday, June 26. Reserve your butterfly for $20 prior to June 17 at TRUcare.org/butterfly.

A link to the 9 a.m. virtual program will be sent to participants via email and text, and the 10–11 a.m. drive-thru pick-up will be designed to maintain social distancing between participants and staff.

Participants can do an independent release (at home, in a park, at the cemetery—any place that holds meaning for you and your loved ones.) The TRU Labyrinth is also available for people interested in releasing near the pick-up location. You may also choose to have the staff release it for you.

Participants are encouraged to contribute a photo or video clip of their releases to a group montage.