I’d like to take a moment to thank our long-time advertisers who have consistently supported local community journalism through their advertising in the Daily Camera and our sister publications.

One of these exceptional advertising partners is the Boulder Book Store, a literary landmark on the Pearl Street Mall since 1973. This past year would have been a whole lot harder to get through without the comfort of a good book—and you can be sure plenty of them were discovered on the shelves of the Boulder Book Store.

We’re proud to welcome the Boulder Book Store back to our pages. We are thrilled they’re back and ready to welcome throngs of our readers through your doors for book signings, conversations with the acclaimed authors and the World’s Best Books Book Club. Thanks as always for your investment in our audience and in community journalism.

Be sure to look for the Boulder Book Store’s ad in today’s Friday Magazine. And while you’re looking through the Friday Mag pages, you’re bound to get a few good ideas for the weekend, too.